Online Marketing

Why Do We Need It?

Online Marketing

Why Do We Need It?

The World of Online Marketing

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In less than ten years the landscape of marketing has changed: markets transform at rapid speed, industry boundaries are blurred, life cycles are brief and customers are increasingly demanding. In an age where we now conduct 131 billion web searches per month, not making the transition to a dynamic online strategy could mean losing your company’s place in the market.

I believe, as we evolve, one vital 5th link still seems to be missing from our traditional marketing mix: People. People connecting with people shape brands, can make or break a company, and continue to challenge us on staying current and engaging. I believe it starts with building an effective website, making smart marketing campaigns, creating conversations and cultivating relationships online.

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Did You Know?

That 80% of web designers do not effectively understand SEO. Many of which don’t even have a professional marketing background. So don’t spend money on a pretty website that is doing nothing for your business. Research your expert carefully.

Why Small Businesses Are Losing Out?

Worldwide, we conduct 131 billion web searches per month yet, according to a recent survey, 60% of small businesses don’t even have a website. Of those, only 12% have Facebook pages. Which means a lot of businesses are relying on word-of-mouth and traditional marketing to get their name out. This survey also proved that online marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing and costs 62% less.

  • Global internet users that research products online 71% 71%
  • Online shoppers that begin by using a search engine 54% 54%
  • Mobile searches conducted in hopes of finding local results 76% 76%
  • Companies that use blogs for marketing purposes 40% 40%
  • More leads generated by online strategies than traditional paid marketing 58% 58%

“If you’re not online then you’re not doing business” – Bill Gates

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Marketing Consulting

Looking for some dynamic marketing strategies to increase sales? I offer business and marketing consulting services to help you streamline your brand and build a plan that targets both online and offline efforts effectively and affordably.

I’m Interested in Marketing Consulting

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Internet Services Available

NEW! With support from our partner, GoDaddy, I now offer affordable hosting, domain, SSL certificates, security, email, and other internet services for my clients and visitors.

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Forward thinking!

I was just starting out, all on my own, and was running out of time. Jennifer truly impressed me with her extensive marketing background and made the entire process quick and easy. I also appreciate the effort of finding every way to work within my budget. Thanks for the great work and helpful tips you provided me along the way.
– Theo Schaefer

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