Whether you’re a small or large business, the need to evolve with today’s ever-changing markets is essential for the future success and lifespan of any company. To determine if your business needs to Rebrand or Reposition, take this short quiz.

Work through the following questions answering YES or NO.

  1. Does your brand identity still represent who you are and what you do (now and in the foreseeable future)?
  2. Is your business, it’s products or services relevant for tomorrows customers?
  3. Does your business, it’s products and services have any significant unique points of difference?
  4. Does your brand look current, is it going to engage with tomorrows customers?
  5. Does your brand identity standout in the crowd?
  6. Is your new customer base growing?


If you answered No to any question 1-3 then rebranding is most likely the best approach for your business.

If you answered Yes to all questions 1-3, but No to any questions 4-6 then a reposition is most likely the best approach for your business.


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