The 10 Best Body Language Tips for Your Next Sales Presentation

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Professional Development, Sales & Marketing

If you want to be a dynamic speaker you will need to understand that communication is more than just being a great talker. Your body language can have either a positive or negative impact on your overall presentation.


Knowing how your facial expressions, posture, tone of voice, and movements affect the viewer is especially important when it comes time to pitch a prospect or deliver a presentation.

Researchers have found that presenters are seen as more competent when they make hand gestures. A person’s tone of voice can impact the audience’s view of how mature, sincere, and intelligent the person is. But it’s not just about the viewer. Being aware of your body language can impact your mood and confidence before a big presentation.Save


Here are the ten most powerful body language tips for your next sales presentation:

  1. Open your chest and arms – to boost confidence during your presentation. Don’t forget to keep your back straight so you breathe better and feel more relaxed.
  2. Smile – to make your audience feel comfortable.
  3. Gesture with your hands and focus on your audience – Engage naturally. People tend to pay attention and like people who look them in the eye.
  4. Demonstrate authority and keep calm. This will show your confidence.
  5. Move around – If you have some physical space, use it and slowly walk it. When presenting points you can always step in or step over. A great way to bring interest to specific points of your speech.
  6. Vary your hand and head gestures – to keep your audience’s attention. Keep them small and subtle throughout your presentation.
  7. Point and look – directly if something is on your screen. Your audience will follow.
  8. Walk toward and around people – to encourage participation and engage the audience. People tend to participate more when in close proximity to the speaker.
  9. Pause and Breathe slowly – when given a hard question. This will give you time. Answer while looking at the questioner in the eye.
  10. Use positive gestures – during the presentation, such as nodding, smiling, etc.

The trick is to make it strong, limited, and controlled but be sure you know how to make your body language natural and effective. I suggest watching inspirational leaders online, such as TedTalks, to mimic their tone, gestures, posture, and movement.Save


Jennifer Boyce Richardson

Content Source: HubSpot Blog

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