How To Run A Business When You Hate Marketing

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A recent client of mine expressed how excited they were when they finally decided to make their side business a full-time commitment. They spent our entire hour together talking about goals and possibilities and what research they’ve been doing. I was ecstatic. I was so happy to hear how far along they’ve come and what lies ahead for them. But I did catch one thing…their complete lack of a marketing plan. I know we talked about this but why didn’t it come up?Save


They said “Jen, I don’t have much of a plan. I can’t do marketing, I can’t keep up with it, I actually despise it because of what I’ve experienced. I was only going to do the minimum, you know, old school methods” …wow, I was shocked. This person is a super over planner, a real go-getter too, and couldn’t be bothered with marketing?! I had to know more and mentioned that I can help. So we booked another session and explored why they hated marketing so much. We then discussed ways to overcome this apprehension and to truly embrace the idea so they can get ahead in their market. If this sounds like you then continue reading.


First things first. Ask yourself if you’re happy with the level your business is at? Do you want to see growth in your new venture? If you want to strive for more then here’s some tips to change your attitude toward marketing:

  • Reframe your idea of what marketing is. You need to embrace it if you want to get anywhere. I know there’s a lot of bad marketing habits out there, schemes and ways to be duped into buying something you don’t need. But I assure you, there are plenty of authentic businesses out there that just want to show you what they have to offer. Understand the need for businesses to promote their product or service and the work (and money) involved in that creative process.
  • Understand marketing and its current methods. If you take the time to learn how it works, what to do, where to do it and how, then you’ll show the appreciation for the process. Even if you do the basic fundamentals of direct marketing and online marketing, you’ll still grasp the idea of what can be done for your business. And when it’s time to hire someone, you’ll be educated enough to follow their work and set standards and goals for your business.
      • My advice to further your knowledge is to read books that are an introduction to marketing and online marketing. Listen to podcasts and watch videos on social media strategies and sales tactics. There’s always a business seminar happening at your local hall and online classes on trusted sites like SkillShare. Seek advice from others who are successful with this and pick their brain. Plus, it’s good to play around with free website and image software to get a feel for the design aspect. Sometimes a hands-on approach is best.
  • Pay close attention to what others are doing and see how your industry fairs in this category. I don’t want you to copy other people’s work, I simply want you to understand you customer and how you should reach them. (I still see coaches and consultants near me that have copied my branding from both my companies. I take it as a compliment but it’s also frustrating to see it abused like that as I spent a long time designing this). So don’t get lazy with this process, be creative and be you. Customers will notice the copied work and so will your competitors. Also. Google penalizes you for this too. This is your time and outlet to get creative.
  • Understand your audience and it will all come together. Once you’re motivated by marketing and have learnt the basics, ask yourself the following: Who are my customers? Where are they looking? What social platforms are they using? What keywords are they using in their search? Where are they coming from? Etc.
  • When in doubt, or when the timing is right, hire someone. Don’t try to take on too much or expect that you can learn it all in a week and be ready. Sometimes we don’t have the hardware or software to do a lot of the creative work. Sometimes social media can be overwhelming and sales emails too intimidating. Best to let the pros handle it then. Start off by searching for local or online help and students, then once the business takes off, invest in an agency or a full time marketing associate.


I now understand why my client was so opposed to the topic and eventually we came up with a strategy to help their business. So if you ever feel like you’re stuck with your marketing goals, like my client, then please feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help. Remember, marketing doesn’t have to be daunting or dubious. Let it be your friend. You just need to understand it more and embrace it’s ability to help you. If you could set some time for yourself everyday to learn a little bit more then, when the time comes, when you need it or need additional assistance, you’ll be on ahead of the game and leaving you wanting more.



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