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Why a Free WIX Website Isn’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be. Today we’re exploring the truth behind the “Free Website” market – using WIX as our current target – and to understand if this is the right solution for your small business.


There’s a reason why a professional marketer, like myself, turned into a web designer offering online marketing solutions as their sole business. First, its because I have a passion to help businesses with their branding, reach and exposure using smart and effective online and offline marketing methods. Second, I’m a marketer with a design background looking at these “Free” sites with disgust. Why you ask? Simply because they profit off of you doing your own work (time you don’t have), relying on you to design a complete website that matches your unique branding, to finally informing you gently (and later on) that your FREE site doesn’t come with what you need to run your business…those are all paid extras…but does include all the things you didn’t want, like advertisements for example. When those monthly bills start adding up you’ll be scratching your head as to why you didn’t hire a professional.

Now, I understand that not everyone can afford to hire a web designer, but if you break it down to what your “Free” site is doing for you, you can’t afford that loss in business either. Plus, there are a lot of designers out there that can build you an affordable site. Platforms, such a WordPress, are also a great start for a quick template (whether free or for a small fee) to get your business online or updated yourself. Incorporating a web designer as your business grows would be a wise decision though.Save


So let’s get to it and explore WIX vs WordPress:


WIX: WIX offers Free sites and Paid sites.

  • A Free site will provide you with a WIX URL unless you want a custom domain – that’s where WIX requires a monthly fee for connecting your domain to a Free site.
  • A Free WIX site only gives you up to 500mb of storage space which isn’t a whole lot if you’re needing to add images and custom Apps to your design.
  • For a Paid site, they offer a monthly plan. If you need more space or an eCommerce setup, for example, you have to select between their two top premium packages starting around $24-39 per month, regular price, ($16-24 per month on sale) and that goes on for as long as you need a website living on the web. Its one thing to have a subscription rented site but quite another if you’re still doing all the work and still have limitations. That starts to add up.

WP: If you’re building your own website, WordPress has Free templates and templates available for a small fee – taking the guess work out. It helps if you’re starting off with little to no budget for your website. Many web designers today use WordPress as their reliable platform with clean modern code and can do the work for you, building you a beautiful custom website.

  • WordPress sites can be designed for Free on their .com server side which also includes Free hosting. Their .org server side allows users to design their own site, or pay a designer, and can choose their own hosting package from their preferred hosting provider.


WP: WordPress is an open source platform where you can edit and customize code to suit your website needs.

WIX: WIX is not open source and you solely rely on their design program. They have made it easy for the consumer where you move and place your items as you see fit. What you see on screen is what you get – but are you a designer? Do you really have time?

  • Both WIX and WordPress are innovative platforms but WordPress is definitely the more powerful platform. Which is why the “WordPress community has expanded to more than 60 million websites as of 2012 (powering about 23% of all websites on the internet as of 2015). “


WIX: WIX has customization limits. They also limit you to their own Apps – Free and Paid versions available. If you’re needing custom forms and ecommerce, then you’re looking at either custom work or their premium price websites.So you better hope they have what you need. If you do find the App you want, it does take the guess work out of it and you’re on your way rather quickly.

WP: WordPress though, has tons of available plugins that allows you to be very custom and flexible in your design. “At this time, there are over 37,000+ WordPress plugins that are downloaded more than 900 million times – this shows you how extensive the WordPress community really is.”


Let’s talk about ADVERTISEMENTS!

WIX: Yep WIX’s Free sites come with ads, they display their own logo on your site and as your favicon (the browser window image).

WP: WordPress has none.


WIX: A Free site with WIX does not allow access to Google Analytics – unless you bump yourself up to a premium monthly plan.

WP: With a WordPress site, you can access Google Analytics for free or, like most web designers out there, including myself, we can set you up and send you Google Analytic Reports on a monthly basis at no additional charge if you’re working with us.


To say my final words… I applaud the team at WIX for this innovative solution to offer Free websites to those small business owners in need. My beef with this is that no small business owner has the time to figure it out, design their own, and deal with the headaches and fine-print extras that come later. As a small business owner, and someone who has worked for both large and small businesses my whole life as their marketer, I know first hand that no one has this kind of time. I certainly never did! My point being is that I hope you closely explore what your business truly needs. Your time is money. Your business cannot afford to go at this half ass and you certainly can use someone with real experience to make sure you’re meeting your goals. Don’t go at this on your own. Hire a professional and focus on what you do best! But that’s just my two cents.Save


Jennifer Boyce Richardson

Content Source: WIX.com, WordPress.com, WordPress.Org and WebsiteBuilderExpert.com

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